RRN Mediaplayer



This application is a miniature of sound player.It is able to play tracks from music folder on the SDcard.I have provided six addons of RAMAYANAM (the great epic).User can
download the addons either one or all and press the download button.User should wait for the end message "File Copied : default.pro".After the completion of all the files downloaded.You can activate the RRN mediaplayer. Press "play" button.After listening to a track please click
button "two" to go to next track.This is to be followed only once.After that if you want to go to track numbered ten click "next" button.This will help you to read the 10th track or multiples of ten( like twenty,thirty etc...). Please press "one" for the eleventh track and "two"
for the twelfth track etc...After playing one track you have to select the next number.I will try to add more features in the next versions...

Note: Click on the privacy policy site to get the Ramayanam Volumes as .apk files.

Tags: mediaplayer