RUSSIAN Basic Vocabulary P.1



The app English – Russian, Basic Vocabulary, Part 1 for learning words is the ideal vocab-trainer for pupils, students of university and evening schools, self-learners and beginners. The app contains about 1000 words of the basic Russian vocabulary and agrees with the European guidelines, level A1. For every entry there are translation, phonetic transcription and at least one example given.

Before you begin, set whether you want to be presented with the English or the Russian expression first, or whether you want the app to vary between the two languages.

Then, an arbitrary English or Russian word will appear along with one or more example sentences. On pressing a button the solution is shown.

If you complete a card without making any mistakes put it in the „correct“-pool. If you have made a mistake, put the card in the „wrong“-pool.

In your personal learning statistics you can check your knowledge and progress any time. The green bars show you how many cards you completed without making any mistakes, the red bars show you how many cards you completed with making mistakes.

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