Russian Nouns Flash Cards



Memorize the most common Russian nouns! Using two different modes and three different quiz prompts, this app will help you memorize the most common Russian nouns quickly and efficiently.

- Two quiz modes
- Endless - Helps with memorizing by showing you the cards you have the hardest time with more often
- Normal - Shows you all of the cards in random order, and lets you review at the end

- 3 different quiz prompts
- Honors System - You think of the answer first, then after you are shown the answer you indicate whether or not your got it right.
- Multiple Choice - Choose the right answer out of the 4 choices presented.
- Exact Text - Type in the answer. You have to get it perfect to get it right!

- Simple design

- Save your spot in Normal Quiz mode

- Quickly and easily review all of the cards in the app

- Search cards by answer

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