RwR - Reflection while Reading



Reflection while Reading

Strategy for reading comprehension

Is reading comprehension a problem - or do you want to avoid it becomes a problem?

RwR shows what the reader must do to achieve reading comprehension and is an unavoidable supplement to the teaching of reading.

With pictures, the reader is guided through the reflections that promote reading comprehension.
The goal is to facilitate a strategy that can be used no matter what is read.
The app can be used for individual work, but is also very suitable for pair work or group work.

Use it in teaching
- for the beginner
- for the slightly experienced reader
- in special needs classes
- in connection with rehabilitation
- for homework

The strategy is simple and is shown in 5 pictures.
The instructions are also available as text-to-speech.

Apart from that, RwR contains information about:
- How it functions
- Teaching suggestions
- The underlying theory

1 minute – and you know how it functions.

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