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See fossils, species from hundred millions years old to modern species. All these data of Archaeology, paleontology, anthropology and History are gathered in one place, one application, at your fingertips !

See different species from jurassic carnivores or plant eating dinosaurs, predators or hunters like Tyranosaurus rex, velociraptor to hominini, Australopithecus & Paranthopus, proto-humans & humans. View a gallery of discoveries, the fossils of dinos, hominids, Homo erectus, Handy man, workman, the hobbit, the neanderthal man, homo sapiens sapiens, the taung child or see the remains of "natural spring".

See coexisting species and learn more with the timeline !

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♥ "Love it! It revitalized my interest in physical anthropology and human evolution!" [West♦♦]

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Main features:

■ 200 fossils and remains available (dinosaurs, hominids remains, bones, skulls, skeletons, cast ...) !

■ zoom on images to see details and get more information
■ time range bar to select a time interval for species or edit numbers manually (e.g. discover species that share the same period of time)
■ search for →co-existing species← (same temporal range), see available fossils and get more information
■ quick search within temporal range, scientific classification, species, dates, location, discovery information, measures ...!
■ use geologic time scales like prehistoric ages, holocene, pleistocene, pliocene, miocene, cretaceous or jurassic to filter species
■ Discoveries gallery with a timeline associated : browse history with the discovered remains and fossils
■ Complete offline mode : fetch data for offline use, retrieve all data (see "+" button in discovery tab)

Contact us if you want to publish or share your data with Sapiens.

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