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The perfect math lessons you need to succeed for Math SAT!

SAT Math Prep Book as an app, with detailed lessons, interactive sample questions and answers, flashcards, and practice tests.
This content has helped students increase their Math SAT scores by as much as 180 points, with an average increase of 70 points.

-- 100+ Flashcards!
-- 350+ Interactive Study questions - answers with detail explanations!
-- 10 Practice tests!
-- Lots of lessons

This SAT math app covers Lessons on the following topics:

I. Pre-Algebra
- Integers, Primes and Digits
- Fractions
- Mixed Numbers and Remainders
- Order of Operation and Scientific Notation
- Percentages
- Averages

II. Algebra 1
- Solving equations and Inequalities
- Square Roots
- Solving pairs of Equations
- Distributing and Common Factors
- FOILing and Factoring
- Ratios

III. Geometry
- Angles and Lines
- Triangles
- Circles
- Polygons
- Solids
- Slopes, Distance and Midpoints

IV. Algebra 2
- Sequences
- Absolute Value
- Exponents and Radicals
- Parabolas
- Translations and Reflections
- Functions

V. Miscellaneous Topics
- Counting and Probability
- Sets and More Probability
- Statistics
- Word Problems

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