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Get ready to kick SAT® butt, take names. Shmoop SAT® Test Prep is almost certainly the only source for a rigorous SAT® preparation that uses examples ranging from Mario Brothers to the history of Coca-Cola to “I am the Walrus.” Shmoop Learning Guides are lovingly written by experts and educators – Ph.D. students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and other top universities.

Shmoop SAT® Test Prep is now available in handy app form, so you can gear up for the SAT® anywhere you go: on a plane, under a tree, in a canoe.

Topics We Cover: SAT® Reading (Sentence Completion, Short Passages, Long Passages, Passage Comparisons), SAT® Writing (Sentence Improvement, Sentence Errors, Improving Paragraphs), and SAT® Math (Numbers and Operations, Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurements, Statistics and Probability).

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