This application will help prepare you for the SAT with SAT words, roots, math terms, critical reading and sentence completion, grammar, vocabulary, math problem solving, and essay hints.

• SAT Words: over 5000 words, including math terms, with transcription, explanation, synonyms, antonyms and samples.
• Roots: grouping of words by roots.
• FlashCards: guess the word by description.
• FlashCards: guess the word by synonyms.
• FlashCards: guess the word by antonyms.
• FlashCards: guess the word by voice hint.
• Critical Reading/Sentence Completion: select one or two words that best complete the given sentence; error analysis.
• Writing/Grammar: sentence error identification.
• Writing/Vocabulary: sentence error identification.
• Math/Problem Solving: finding solutions to math problems.
• Essay hints: writing a successful essay.
You can use a free version of the application with the following components fully accessible: SAT Words, FlashCards/description, and Test of critical reading. Other components are available through a one-shot in-app purchase. Besides, the purchase removes the AdMob Ads.

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