School Whiz



School Whiz is a simple teaching tool for parents to use to help their children grow in key educational areas.

The concept of School Whiz is simple -- provide clean and practical activities that parents can use to help their children learn and grow.

Please keep in mind that we're just getting started. We have a TON of new activities planned for School Whiz, so keep it installed on your device so that you can get the updates as they're available. Also, we're always looking for more great ideas for activities, so if you have suggestions, please send them our way!

Here's what you'll find in School Whiz right now:
- Opposites
- Rhyming
- Syllables
- Math Quiz (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and randomized problems)
- Number Patterns
- Days (before and after)
- Months (before and after)

Thanks for your support. For questions, comments, or suggestions -- email us, find us on Twitter @pencilboxapps, or check us out on Google+.

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