Science Game - Magnetism Waves


Science Game - Magnetism Waves's review

by Peter Warrior

Interactive slides about Physics

  • Many and great challenges
  • Pre and post challenge explanations
  • It actually motivates kids to learn Physics
  • Graphic environment needs a deep overhaul

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"Physics class, today in the lab"

Edu-apps are at its peak, and we're more than glad to review them, mainly because they're more creative every time. This is the case of Science Engine, which without being a game at all, it's a collection of interactive slides. The kid has to solve every experiment, and they will previously receive enough info to do so; but also a little explanation of how that worked right after. Link to sites on the Internet are also available about related topics, most likely electromagnetism.

It's a great idea, as kids recreate the experiments by on-screen gestures. However, user interface and graphics overall must be improved, because they have an unkempt appearance and are unappealing (as if they were drawn in Paint), and text size are too little to be comfortably read. Anyway, every time a challenge is solved, the kid gets an award, either in coins or pearls of wisdom.

If you can pass by the graphics and interface and stick to the context, it's a great app your smart offspring will love, and we would like to encourage its developer to create new challenges on other topics, not only related to physics, but also to chemistry and life sciences.

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Aug 28, 2013

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