Science - Macrocosm 3D Free

Science - Macrocosm 3D Free

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A new educational app "Science – Macrocosm 3D" will allow you to immerse yourself in the amazing world of the Universe in 3D format! You will explore the most interesting 3D models of planets, moons, stars, galaxies, constellations and nebulas and get information about each individual object.
★ Over 30 3D models of objects in the Universe
★ Objects’ size from 10^0 to 10^26
★ Description of each object
★ Languages: English, German, Russian

"Science - Macrocosm 3D" is a virtual scale with sizes from 10^0 to 10^26 depicting animated 3D models of various objects in the Universe. Each object has a concise and clear description that is available via "More" button.

Our app is of use to school and university students, astronomers and to everyone who is interested in science. The simplicity of presentation and excellent graphics make learning about science both exciting and accessible to kids and adults!

The free version comes with 10 3D models of the objects in the Universe. The full version has more than 30 models, including:
• Galileo's telescope
• Hubble Space Telescope
• Stonehenge - an ancient observatory
• Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
• Deimos, - satellite of Mars
• Neutron stars
• Asteroids
• Moon
• Titan - satellite of Saturn
• Mars
• Sirius B, a white dwarf
• Earth
• Saturn
• Jupiter
• Earth-Moon distance
• Sun
• Rigel
• Earth-Sun distance
• Comet C/1822 R1
• The largest star - VY Canis Majoris
• Radius of the Solar System
• Planetary nebula
• Distance between Mizar and Alcor stars
• Distance to the nearest star Proxima Centauri
• Pleiades star cluster
• Giant nebula
• Dwarf galaxies
• Our Galaxy - the Milky Way
• Radio Galaxy
• Local Group of galaxies
• Local superclusters
• Distance to quasars




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  • (64 stars)

    by Christian Menoza on 09/04/2014

    I learn more to this app

  • (64 stars)

    by Shirley Morgan on 11/03/2014

  • (64 stars)

    by Stephan Lalonde on 08/03/2014

    Useless app..just crashes when you start it...can't get it to work at all...

  • (64 stars)

    by Dusty Wall on 05/03/2014

    The app looks great on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. The subject matter is well chosen, the science is sound - and is nicely laid out on a logarithmic size scale - but the one paragraph descriptions don't offer much depth on the subject. Most glaring, though, i

  • (64 stars)

    by Atom Thum on 26/02/2014

    MQ how to sign

  • (64 stars)

    by Jewel Davies on 25/02/2014

    The app is not showing our planet. Uninstall..

  • (64 stars)

    by Rochelle Greene on 13/02/2014

    Like it.