Scientific Creationism



Contains a new personal theory combining religion and science; I tell a brief story of my "Divine Warning" that I experienced; And a few blind writings of very short poems I wrote the same night I was given my warning.

** Michael "Deuce" Thompson's personal theoretical belief of how Divine Creationism and Universal growth can be studied and explained with Science to understand that both scientific explanation and religious beliefs can be used together to understand God's part in the creation and expansion of the Cosmos

** Includes poems of "Blind Writing" the night after my divine experience.
(and a basic explanation of what blind writing is..)

** My testimony of how was touched and warned by something that before then I was convinced was something created by man to give hope and dreams to people. And without these "false beliefs",which is all I thought religion based on something supernatural was, would have no order or reason to obey simple laws or make the right conscientious decisions.

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