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*** This is the demo version of Score Quick. The demo version is limited to one class and five assignments and does not provide Dropbox functionality. If you like what you see in the demo version, please consider purchasing the full version. ***

Score Quick was created to do away with the paper copy grade book or other ad hoc method you use to record daily assignments and scores. It was also designed to make recording daily assignments quick and efficient. Given its design purpose, you'll immediately appreciate the ease in which you can score assignments. Other benefits of Score Quick are:

* Create seating charts that are easy to manage.

* Maintain notes on individual students.

* Randomly select students to respond to questions.

* Export reports.

* Back-up and restore the application's database with Dropbox.

With Score Quick, you don't need to walk around the classroom with paper and pencil to record scores for daily assignments. With your Android tablet and Score Quick, you just tap on the student then tap on one of the grade codes you've defined, and that's it! Another benefit of Score Quick is that you can take your tablet with you to Teacher-Parent conferences and show parents a report of their child's assignment summary.

Score Quick takes the drudgery out of maintaining and scoring assignments. Get it today and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Important Note: Classes are limited to 40 students. This app is designed exclusively for tablets with 7 inch screens or bigger. Minimum screen height/width resolution is 800 pixels for both dimensions. If the app does not render correctly on your tablet, please let me know.

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