Shmoop AP US History Test Prep



Learn everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the AP US History Exam with Shmoop test prep. Get deep review without being lulled into a deep sleep. Narcolepsy is killer for the social calendar anyway.

Enjoy full-length practice exams and hundreds of drills while studying our test-taking tips and step-by-step guides, unlocking the ancient secrets of AP domination.

What’s in this eBook: * Spanish Colonization * Columbian Exchange & Atlantic World * Jamestown & Colonial Chesapeake * Plymouth & Colonial New England * French & Indian War * American Revolution * Articles of Confederation & Constitution * Early Republic * War of 1812 * Market Revolution * Manifest Destiny * Antebellum Culture * Age of Jackson * Slavery & Antislavery * Causes of the Civil War * Civil War * Reconstruction * Gilded Age * Populists and Progressives * Jim Crow * American Imperialism and Spanish-American War * World War I * 1920s * Great Depression and New Deal * World War II * Cold War * 1950s * 1960s * Reagan Era * Post-Cold War America