Sight Words Arena–First Grade



Sight Words Arena – First Grade with 324 words that your child can practice and enjoy First Grade!
First Grade kids need to know about 200 words. Most of these words are used in the daily life. Sight Words Arena is very useful for Kids to practice and lean the words.
Salient Features:
1. Include Dolch Sight Words for First Grade and Additional Words to Learn.
2. Big and Bold Readable Font Suitable for Kids. (No fancy color or style which makes it difficult for kids)
3. Each Word is loudly spoken for the kids to know how to pronounce the word.
4. Back and Forward Navigation.
5. Ability to Choose Upper or Lower Case for the words.
6. Ability to ON / OFF the Speech/Sound.
7. Interactive Graphics – Kids will love to play and learn at the same time.
Your feedback is very important for us to continue developing the app. We want to improve the application for your child. Let us know if there are any issues with the app or you want some new feature. We want to help kids learn better. They are our future.
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