Sign Language for Beginners: I



Sign Language for Beginners: Introduction is the first title in the Sign Language for Beginners series, a fun and effective way to learn essential communication in American Sign Language.

Much more than just an ASL dictionary, the Sign Language for Beginners series is a comprehensive series of sequenced lessons designed for anyone to learn to express themselves in this beautiful language.

Sign Language for Beginners: Introduction includes sections on signing fundamentals and three lessons with video demonstrations:
• Introduction to American Sign Language that describes the historical roots of signs, plus signs for common activities and animals.
• Fundamentals describes the difference between ASL and Sign English, the use of expressions in signing, and signing hand shapes.
• Lesson on "You and Me" teaches the basic vocabulary and phrases for expressing your emotions.
• Lesson on "Greetings" provides the common pleasantries and greetings you use every day.
• Lesson on "Questions" teaches both the vocabulary and grammar needed to ask questions in American Sign Language.

Sign Language for Beginners: Introduction also includes a searchable Signing Index which contains all the words covered in the lesson sections.

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