Simple Kanji Quiz (JLPT N5-N1)



    Simple: Only a few kana-readings and english-meanings for each Kanji.
    Kanji: Actually contains Hiragana / Katakana too, but mainly JLPT N5-N1, and Grade 1-6 Kanji.
    Quiz: Contains only continuous multi-choice quiz per Kanji list.

    You can set the question types in the settings menu (For example if you only want to study kanji to english translation, and not on/kun kana readings).
    You can reduce the word count by on the list on main page
    Scoring is used to track successful answers, words with 10/10 score will not be asked again, new words will be added to the questions instead.

    This is a tool created for myself to practice and learn japanese kanji words.
    The kanji symbols are extracted from Jim Breen's kanjidic library, and grouped by the JLPT (japanese language proficiency test) levels.

    The app is free, even no ads, though you can donate on paypal to

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