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This maths app for kids, "Simple Maths for Kids" is a children's delight. Now they are not just playing with the numbers but also enjoying solving their maths problems.

Just hand over the app to your kids and see them cracking their sin an amazing way. It is a simple and entertainer maths app on your mobile device.

The application has addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and what comes before, after and in between sums for them to solve as per their age and skill.

You just hand over the maths app for kids and see the magic. You will hear clapping sound and see their teething smile of success on their face when they give correct answers.

They can click on any levels-Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 according to their age and skill. They will have problem in front of them with four options. They will calculate the sum and select the answer. If the answer is right, they will get applauds and if it is wrong, they will be buzzed X and they can try again till they get right answer.

There is no limitation to the number of maths problems they can solve in whatever category they choose. With more challenges and increase in complexities these little solvers move from one level to another, making this app quite engrossing.

You can feel yourself composed with satisfaction when you see the spark in their eyes as they solve the math problems.

Its features include :
1. Different levels to select- Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 as per the age of a child or capability.
2. Options to select the right answer.
3. Smiling emoticons and applauds as they are able to solve.

You must be wondering how this app is important for you.

1. It will build your child’s interest in Math.
2. Increase mental and problem solving ability in them.
3. Develop in kids curiosity to face the challenges through difficult level math questions
4. Help you to understand their problem area by the results and performance specifications.
5. Stimulate in them enthusiasm to solve the Math problems.

Avail of this unique opportunity by installing it free.

“So be a smart parent of your smart child with this smart educational app on your smart device”.

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