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>>>>>> Who Else Wants to Become the World's Greatest Mom or Dad Without Putting Yourself to Wit's End in Raising Highly Successful Children? <<<<<<<<<<<

There is not a perfect parent in the world, but you can surely be the best parent your children can ever have. How will you do that? You must:

-Comprehend what moves children's sentiment.
-Anticipate their every tantrum.
-Appreciate them as wonderful gifts and blessings.
-Understand what your kids need or like.
-Address all their challenges and emotions.

SMART PARENTING will teach readers:

-What the children of the 21st century are like in general.
-How to increase your chances of raising highly successful kids.
-What encouragement, praises, and positive reinforcement do to children.
-The things a parent should avoid so as not to spoil their kids.
-How children can be subjected to unnecessary pressure by demanding parents.
-The negative effects of unreasonable demands by parents to their children.
-How to know if you are a demanding parent.
-How to teach the value of obedience, sincerity, order, and justice to kids.
-The best way to talk to your children.
-How to build your children's self-esteem.
-How to form values in your kids and instill good behavior in them.
-Why the time for play and recreation is important for children's growing years.
-How simple acts of affection create positive responses from children.
-The magic of touch and hugging.
-Why parenting is such a challenge.

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