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Infomedia Pro's application „The Duckling and the Chick” is based on the classic, educational story of Mirra Ginsburg „The Chick and the Duckling”. The application offers children the possibility to both listen and view the story, shown in an attractive, colourful graphic. After listening to the story, kids are given the possibility to spend some quality time and have fun colouring pictures inspired by the story.
If children are only into colouring they have the possibility to access the colouring sheets directly from the menu of the application. If they cannot decide on one picture, they have the possibility to switch the pictures by clicking the draw button again.
The application helps children improve their social skills, helps them to better understand a chain of events and is very important for their mental development. The charming tale will delight small children who are also discovering the world around them.

Many colouring sheets available
Educational content
Helps develop vocabulary, personality
Entertaining and funny

The developer of the application is well known for its interactive educational software dedicated to children aged 3 to 11 years old as well as for other android applications.
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