Solar Power Logger



See how much power a solar panel could
produce, using your phone.

Don't spend thousands, first check using your
android phone.

Also can be used for solar heating to see
what temperature rise you could get.

Has been tested with a solar panel see
graph in photos, quite good results using
a Galaxy S3 with a filter over the light

A customer has tested with a Pyranometer
and results good.

Galaxy Note has good light sensor going
near to 1000 w/m2.

Has many features see below.

->Displays Watts meter square,Power,kWh,kJ/h,oC/hour.

->Real time graph of Wm^2

->Set solar size in m^2

->Set pannel Efficiency

15-20% for Electricity
60% for solar heating
Depends on solarcells or collector

->Water tank size Litres
estimate oC rise per hour.

>Cal light sensor mode
Most phones will saturate under full sunlight
max of 80,000LUX GS3

So idea use a filter over the sensor so that
full sunlight can be measured.

Should give >100W/M^2 in good sunlight.

1) Use a bright light source a lamp?
2) Set reference light level
3) Cover Phone light sensor with a
filter, I use a small plastic sheet
and tape.
4) Select "add filter and cal"

Now it will adjust the reading to the
refernce light level.

->Save to LOG file

->Count KWH and reset

First try the free app to test your phone has
a light sensor.

This is not a replacement for a Solar radiation meter
but I found gives a good estimate.

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