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    Solid Edge is an industry-leading mechanical design system with extraordinary tools used to manage and create 3D digital prototypes. Solid Edge uses direct modeling and synchronous technology to make quicker changes than in history based modeling CAD. Solid Edge seamlessly adopts all CAD products thanks to the Solid Edge development team, who takes user interaction to a whole new level. The all-in-one platform will help you save time on design and development with outstanding part and assembly modeling, drafting, data management, and built in finite element analysis. Solid Edge will help you swiftly meet and exceed all of your requirements for design and project completion time. To learn more, you can watch on demand: How to Eliminate the Biggest Time Wasters for Engineers to make sure that Solid Edge is the proper CAD solution for you.
    Solid Edge 3D CAD Software. Design Better.
    Customer Driven Product Enhancements

    When you choose Solid Edge, the door is opened to be a part of the one of a kind Solid Edge User Community. Users are given many opportunities to work directly with the software development team and network with other users all over the world. Maximize your return on your Solid Edge investment with a development team that is driven to tailor enhancements specific to your companies' specific needs. In the newest release of Solid Edge ST6, there are over 1,300 customer driven product enhancements. The case studies below are directly from Solid Edge customers explaining the productivity gains from choosing Solid Edge.