Solid State Devices



This unique application is for all students across the world. It covers 79 topics of Solid state devices in detail. These 79 topics are divided in 7 units.

Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail.

This USP of this application is "ultra-portability". Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

Basically, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Feedback topology
2. Properties of negative feedback
3. Introduction: Special Diodes
4. Introduction: Special Diodes
5. Varactor Diodes
6. Schottky Diode
7. Photodiodes
8. LEDs(Light Emitting Diodes)
9. Tunnel Diodes
10. Construction of tunnel diodes
11. Characteristics of tunnel diodes
12. Zener Diodes
13. Zener Breakdown
14. Avalanche breakdown
15. RC low pass circuit
16. RC high pass circuit
17. Response to sine wave inputs
18. Response to square wave inputs
19. RC circuit as differentiator
20. RC circuit as integrator
21. Compensated attenuator
22. Low frequency response of common emitter amplifier
23. High frequency response of common emitter amplifier
24. Miller's Theorem
25. Low frequency response of common source amplifier
26. High frequency response of common source amplifier
27. Multistage amplifiers
28. Cascade amplifiers
29. Cascade and Darlington pair
30. Cascade connection: Transmission Parameters
31. Types of Coupling
32. Thermal stability
33. Current mirrors
34. Linear Operations
35. General feedback structure
36. Series shunt feedback amplifier
37. Shunt series feedback amplifier
38. Series-series feedback amplifier
39. Shunt-shunt feedback amplifier
40. Determination of loop gain
41. Stability problem
42. Nyquist plot
43. Basic principle of sinusoidal oscillator
44. A simple two-stage oscillator with RLC in series feedback
45. An RLC in series oscillator based upon an operational amplifier
46. RC Oscillators
47. Wein bridge oscillator
48. Operation & working of Wien Bridge Oscillator
49. Phase shift oscillator
50. Collpit oscillator
51. Hartley oscillator
52. Clap oscillator
53. Crystal oscillator
54. 1C 555 Timers
55. 1C 555 timer applications
56. Voltage Regulators
57. Types of Voltage regulators
58. Concept of series regulators
59. Series pass regulator with feedback
60. Concept of shunt regulators
61. Concept of switching regulators
62. Sample circuit
63. Series Circuit
64. Hold circuit
65. A/D converters
66. D/A converters
67. Astable multivibrators
68. Monostable multivibrators
69. TTL/CMOS Monostable Multivibrators
70. Schmitt trigger
71. VCO
72. PLL(phase locked loop)
73. Simple active filters
74. Low pass active filters
75. Notch or band-reject active filters
76. Band pass active filters
77. Op-amp based configuration
78. Fixed voltage 1C regulators
79. Adjustable voltage 1C regulators

All topics are not listed because of character limitations set by the Play Store.

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