Sound Ball for baby/infant



Sep 24, 2012
*Add or spring unit
*Add and colorful pen
(change the icon in the upper-right corner)

It is an app that sounds to hit the lines and circles the yellow ball.
Lines and circles can be to write your own.

*Dropping the ball turret
 Turret at the top of the screen, you can switch to ×(not issue a ball) and ○(make a ball) tap.
You can be moved from side to side by dragging.

 By tapping the icon in the upper-right corner, you can switch to each mode of the ball, circle line.
[Line mode] it is possible to draw a line in the drag.
[Circle mode] can make a circle of drag position.
[sound ball mode] make the ball at the location you tap.

*About the sound
Sound comes out when Ball hit the lines and circles.
Sound changes each time you make lines and circles (note 15).
Already made a circle, you can change the sound by tapping.

The lines and circles already made, you can delete from the menu.
(Also disappear by shaking several times a terminal)

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