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Invite your child to the wonderful world of sounds!
With Sound Tap Quiz app, it is as easy as a Single Tap

"..This is a great app that exceeds my expectations. I have already added it to my sound
awareness unit, and I’ve gotten good results. For these reasons, it has earned a Top Pick from Fun Educational Apps." by:

"..This is an ideal app for improving the sensory perception of your child. Being able to identify sounds is vital to the development of any young child, and the ability to foster that identification process is certainly fun." by:

"..I liked the fact that I can find all common sources of sounds in just one app and having the convenience of letting my son do tests to gauge his ability to recognize the sounds is delightful. " by:

• 340 different sounds!
• The app can pronounce item name in all supported languages,
•72 sources of sounds divided into 6 categories: Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Birds, Musical Instruments, Household, Transportation
•7 languages – English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish
•Simple interface – single tap plays the sound.
•Quiz mode – practise sound recognition!
•High quality illustrations!
•Helpful in speech therapies!

Excellent sound sets

Each single source of sounds offers up to 5 high quality, clearly recorded sounds. Sound sets were carefully selected to be at the same time: peculiar for their source or origin, and significantly different than other four. As an example: Tapping on a horse picture allows to hear separately neighing and squealing, but also sounds of walking and a galloping are available. Tapping a steam ship will trigger the sounds of ship engines, ringing of an engine-room telegraph, lifting the anchor, ship’s siren and a fog horn.

Simple interface

Designed in a way enabling both younger and older children to interact with the application in a way relevant to their age. All sources of sounds belonging to one category are displayed on the screen as pictures on tiles. Single tap opens a screen with larger picture and plays the sound. Tapping the larger picture will trigger the next sound. Buttons at the bottom, allow for the repeatition of sound just heard or for playing the next one. Coolest part is still to come: swipe the picture to the left or right to change the source of sounds!

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