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    Learn about Speeq and you will never want to learn words in a different way again!

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    SPEEQ provides:
    ★ carefully selected vocabulary at 4 levels of language proficiency with almost 9,000 words and phrases
    ★ advanced repetition algorithm based on the forgetting curve*
    ★ unique learning modes: Memorizing, Spelling, Playback
    ★ all words and phrases recorded by professional voice artists in their native language


    SPEEQ facts:
    ★ an application to learn German and English
    ★ 18,000 professional sound recordings
    ★ a learning reminder at a time set by you
    ★ the ability to create your own vocabulary collections and share the same device with your family

    Choose from one of 4 levels:
    ★ Beginner
    ★ Pre-intermediate
    ★ Intermediate
    ★ Business

    Every level contains 1100 carefully chosen cards, i.e. 2200 words and phrases altogether. The vocabulary is selected according to the guidelines set out by the Council of Europe for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. Words and phrases are divided into 57 thematic categories.

    ★The price includes one level. Other levels can be purchased as your language grows★

    A unique mode which automates the learning process.
    Speeq will give you successive cards according to a special algorithm.

    Once you memorize your words, Speeq will teach you how to spell them.

    Learn while cycling, driving, relaxing or doing housework. Repeat or listen to new material through headphones or by connecting your device to a stereo*

    Speeq will teach you how to accelerate the process of memorization using the Keyword Method* and Mnemotechnique* which are based on associations and will work wonders for your memory.

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