Spelling For Children



Spelling For Children utilises some 163 educational and fun learning videos to enable you to give your child the best start in life.

Reading and spelling is so important and if parents can find a way to encourage their children to learn it can make a huge difference.

The first 23 Videos are included and you can choose to add the others as and when you require.

Sample lessons:
Childrens Spelling 1
Childrens Spelling 2
Childrens Spelling 3
Childrens Spelling 4
Childrens Spelling 5 - Body Parts
Childrens Spelling 6 - Colors
Childrens Spelling 7 - Numbers 1 to 10
Childrens Spelling 8 - Numbers 11 to 20
Childrens Spelling 9 - Multiples of Ten
Childrens Spelling 10 - Clothes
Childrens Spelling 11 - Family
Childrens Spelling 12 - Household Items
Childrens Spelling 13 - Fruits
Childrens Spelling 14 - Animals
Childrens Spelling 15 - Shapes
Childrens Spelling 16 - Rhyming Words
Alphabet Song teaches TWO words per letter
Learn to Count Learning Numbers 1-100 Part 2 20-30
two letter words for children- first easy spelling for children
Play and learn SPELLING puzzle with Dingu the penguin part 00
Play and learn SPELLING puzzle with Dingu the penguin part 01
Play and learn SPELLING puzzle with Dingu the penguin part 02
Play and learn SPELLING with Dingu the penguin part 09
First 100 High Frequency Words - Introduction video with voice
Second 100 High Frequency Words
Third 100 High Frequency Words
Fourth 100 High Frequency Words
100 most common words in English
Alphabet Sounds from Sounds Like Fun CDmpg
Childrens Alphabet
Childrens Alphabet 2
Childrens Alphabet 3
Childrens Syllables
Childrens Reading 1 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Childrens Reading 2 - Baa Baa Black Sheep
Childrens Reading 3 - Hey Diddle Diddle
Childrens Reading 4 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Childrens Reading 5 - Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Childrens Reading 6 - Jack and Jill
Childrens Reading 7 - Humpty Dumpty
Days of the Week
If I Were an Animal - Childrens song by Patty Shukla Short cartoon version
Body Parts Chant - by ELF Learning This isThese are
ABC Simple Spelling
Spelling Tips THERE THEIR THEYRE - How to Spell Words Confused Words
Spelling Tips ACCOMMODATE - Mnemonics to Remember Commonly Misspelled Words
How to Spell VACUUM Mnemonics for Misspelled English Words Hard Spelling Words
The Big and Small Letters Song
The Reading Machine 1
The Reading Machine 2
I Can Count to 100 counting song for kids by Mark D Pencil
The Fruit Train - Learning for Kids
Between the Lions Q Without U
Song About Contractions A Contraction Has An Apostrophe With Miss Jenny
Song About Compound Words Compound Word Whiz With Miss Jenny
Dr Jean - Compound Boogie
3D Shapes I Know song for kids
The Thank You Song
The Big Numbers Song
The Shapes Song
The Solar System Song
Shapes song for children
Childrens book story that is engaging with beautiful illustrations
Sesame Street Ladybugs Picnic
Sesame Street Bruno Mars Dont Give Up
Everybody Sing the Alphabet with Me
A Song - Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K
Numbers Song - 0 5 10 - by ELF Learning original
Under The Sea
LeapFrog Letter Factorys ABC Song
Funny Song I Got a Pea
Funny kids song Barry The Bear by Bryant Oden
Funny Song for kids and everyone The CBA Song Can YOU keep up
Acoustic Family Song - My Family and ME
I Like the Flowers - by Beat Boppers Childrens Music
The Rhino Song
The Months Chant from Super Simple Songs
The UN Song
Opposite words
The Happy Birthday Song
Double Phonics Chant
Whats the Time
Easy Little Song
The Train Colors Song
Jolly Phonics Phase Two
Jolly Phonics Vowels
Jolly Phonics Phase Three
Phonics Song 2
The ABC Song
Justin Fletcher Mr Tumble in bee bright
Jolly Phonics--00--OO
OO in hoop and oo in hook
Jolly Phonics-- a

and many many more

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