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The most fun that spelling can be.

SpellerBee® is designed to involve your child's imagination, intellect and motor skills. By stimulating these three essential ingredients of learning, SpellerBee® will increase your child's vocabulary and spelling skills.

• Second grade words for a full school year
• Animated
• Great for the home schooled and traditional students
• Word lists go from easy to challenging
• Track and record the progress on each word list
• Over 400 words

SpellerBee® is a great way for your home schooled student to learn to spell using the latest technology.

We respect your privacy - we collect no
information about you or your child.

SpellerBee® calls out the word, your speller drags letters from the alphabet to the honey comb, moving letters in and out, until the word is spelled correctly and your speller hears SpellerBee®’s cheerful congratulations.

SpellerBee® has word lists that go from the essential, easier, words to more challenging words. Each word list has twenty words. You can assign a list for every week or two over the course of the school year.

For more fun and practice with these words, try our app "Snow Days Scrambler Grade 2" for a scrambled word game that uses the same word list as"Spelling Grade 2 - SpellerBee"

SpellerBee® tracks the progress on each word list. You can see what words have been spelled correctly, the words that need to be spelled and you can also change wordlists at any time. The progress on each wordlist is stored. The information on the words that have been spelled correctly and on the words that need to be studied is always available. A word list can be repeated so that your speller can raise their score and their confidence.

SpellerBee® is animated, interesting and fun and is designed to involve your child's imagination, intellect and motor skills.

The full wordlist can be seen at www.spellerbee.com

Contact speller@spellerbee.com

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