Give the gift of an Education this Festival.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

This app helps students in learning, revising, exploring and test their abilities to spell words correctly. A fun educational way to engage students to improve their spellings on smart phones as well as tablets. This app makes them confident in reading, writing and shine in school.
and there is no end to education - it happens all the time and at all stages of life.

Spell Star offers three categories:
> By Grade
> By Number of Letters
> Challenge Bee

Under 'Grade' category, you can select word difficulty levels as 'Beginner' or 'Intermediate' or 'Advanced'.
'Challenge Bee' is suitable for students those who are doing preparation for any future spelling competition or want to increase vocabulary further.

Other Features:
> Definitions and Sentences
- Definitions and Sentences of the words being spelled, are available in both audio and text format.

> Visual indication of correct or wrong letters in a spelling
- Spelling which is typed, if correct, then all letters turns into green. Any incorrect letter will be shown in red color.

> Review word
- If you want to practice a word later on, then 'review word' feature is helpful. Reviewed words list can be emailed. Words can be automatically selected for review as per settings.

> American and British Spellings
- Some spellings differs between 'American' and 'British' usage for example 'color' in 'American' usage and 'colour' in 'British' usage. It has settings which one you follow.

> Alternate Voice option
- If a word is not clear enough to be heard, then alternate voice option comes up on screen.

and if you like the app, please rate it and review it. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome.