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*** If you want a full statistical application (combo app), please take a look at the Statistical Master ***

StatApp Yellow provides a powerful and portable tool for statistical distributions and probability tables calculations for sciences, finance and industrial applications. With an innovative look and design, it provides an easy and intuitive data input view, fast and extremely precise calculations.

StatApp Yellow has a native (Java) implementation of the quadrature adaptive general integral (QAG), a numerical integration algorithm based on the QUADPACK model. This implementation allows a fast and extremely accurate calculations, comparable with strong mathematical software like Mathematica, Matlab and Sage.

StatApp Yellow calculates the following functions and parameters:
• the probability density function (PDF)
• the cumulative distribution function (CDF)
• the mean of the distribution
• the median of the distribution
• the mode of the distribution
• the standard deviation of the distribution
• the variance of the distribution
• the skewness of the distribution
• the excess kurtosis of the distribbution
• the covariance matrix (few cases, for example the bivariate normal distribution)

For the following 24 distribution models:
1. Gaussian distribution
2. Bivariate normal distribution
3. Inverse gaussian distribution
4. Log-normal distribution
5. Pareto distribution
6. Discrete Uniform distribution
7. Continuous Uniform distribution
8. Bernoulli distribution
9. Binomial distribution
10. Negative binomial distribution
11. Multinomial distribution
12. Geometric distribution
13. Hypergeometric distribution
14. Multivariate hypergeometric distribution
15. Poisson distribution
16. Exponential distribution
17. Chi-square distribution
18. Student's t distribution
19. F-distribution
20. Beta distribution
21. Beta-binomial distribution
22. Gamma distribution
23. Laplace distribution
24. Cauchy-Lorentz distribution

It also provides probability tables for:
• Standard score probability
• Chi-square probability
• Student's t probability
• F-distribution probability
• r (correlation coefficients) probability

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