Stir Crazy Baby



Being cooped up during the winter months can leave you feeling a bit stir crazy. When spring arrives you will probably be more than ready to begin taking on your home improvement tasks. Creating a check list and adhering to it thoroughly can help to keep you organized and focused. The nice weather is coming and your home should look its best. Read on for some great ideas to get your home ready for the spring and summer season.

If you have an air conditioner, then you should clean out the filter and give it a good tune-up. See to it that it is not leaking any fluids and that it functions before you go to the trouble of installing it.

The winter can really take a toll on your home. Once winter has left for good, you will will want to clean your house and rejuvenate its charm. If your home has siding, then pressure washing it is a great way to get all the dirt off. If you have a patio on your house, you can also pressure wash it at the same time you do the house.

Fall and winter are the times of year when gutters get clogged up with leaves that have fallen off of the trees. Climbing a ladder and freeing all the blockages allows the rain water to catch and stream down unobstructed.

Depending on where you live, winter can really take a toll on your roof. Once spring arrives, venture up to your roof to ensure it is fully unscathed. If not, then take the time to fix it before it develops into a bigger problem.