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Free Offline Interactive Kids Stories for the new generation!
Listen the stories with audio and text.

New Story List

* Black and White
* Cheerful Charlie
* Tenali Rama the Messenger
* The Grey Fountain
* The Lie-hunting Wizard
* Scuttleball. Soccer for Ants
* The Bewitched Tongues
* The Boy who almost became a Prince
* The Homework Party
* Where did the Voices go
* A Colourful Head
* A Cow in the Cafe
* A Day With The Pigs
* A Doorway to the World
* A Ray of Moonlight
* A Spider in the Museum
* Adventures in the Rain
* Batbird
* Book, Ink, and Feather
* Brave Cowardly Chief
* Brodek, Dragon of Day and Night
* Charlie and the Horse
* Chatty Sheep
* Christmas Presents
* Clever Clark’s Superpowers
* Dark Wizard, Spark Wizard
* Drums in Space
* Effort, the Infinite Giant
* Evil Tellies
* Fashion Forest
* Fiorina and Pionina, the Shy Fairies
* Grandmother’s Favourite Doll
* Happy Mothers on the Marsh
* Honest Ladybirds
* Ice in the Forest
* Johnny the Lizard
* Kraton’s Labyrinth
* Lies in the Stone Age
* Magic Ears for Shy Children
* Manute the Brave
* Music for the Clouds
* My Daddy’s Very Busy
* Path to Heaven
* Perfect Justice
* Raindrop, Snowflake
* Redbeard’s Treasure
* Seeing the Last Dinosaur
* Seven Captive Princesses
* Slowcoach Sunflower
* Squidge Attack
* Strange Tennis Balls
* Teary Joe
* The Baby Spuddle
* The Boy and the Cabbage
* The Burger who didn’t want to be junk food
* The Cave of FearThe Cave of Fear
* The Chair
* The Cloud Dragon
* The Cloud-eating Giant
* The Disappearance of the Luckys
* The Drop of Water
* The Evil Millisphore
* The Frog who Jumped Through Windows
* The Garden of Statues
* The Girl with the Beautiful Face
* The Gossips
* The Great Gifts
* The Great Wild Car Race
* The Greatest Treasure in the World
* The Happy Trumpet
* The Hero Who Was Going To Save the World
* The Incompetent Genie
* The Invisible King of the Jungle
* The Island of Two Sides
* The King is Missing
* The Lake Princesses
* The Last Thousand Dragons
* The Leopard in his Tree
* The Lion’s Tail
* The Little Christmas Star
* The Little Forest by the Sea
* The Little Hummingbird
* The Little Stone Bird
* The Magic Blackboard
* The Magi-virus
* The Monster in the Wardrobe
* The Monster Maker
* The Natural Garden
* The Painter, the Dragon, and the Titan
* The Pillow Fairy
* The Rebellious Ant
* The Red Balls
* The Ruby Thief
* The Seeds
* The Singing Hippo
* The Smile Economy
* The Stepmother
* The Sweet Witch
* The Tickling Scales
* The Two Spells
* The Unending Well of Wonders
* The Unworthy King
* The Viking With a Hundred Horns
* The Wailing Forest
* The Warrior's Arrows
* The White Rose
* The World’s Rarest Creature
* The Young Puppet-maker
* Thomas Crum and his Drum
* Tickets to Heaven
* Tony, the Human Wasp
* Tuton the Planet Eater
* Two Elves and Two Wishes
* Two Friends in a Little Trouble
* Two Kinds of Justice
* Wonderful Harp Music

*Please install voice data to hear stories(go to Settings -> voice input and output -> Text to Speech settings

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