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Pocket guide from the US military including many survival techniques and useful references

  • So much information
  • Lightweight
  • Potentially lifesaving
  • Ugly UI
  • Images fall off the screen
  • Hope it doesn't rain

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"Pumas shall fear you"


Survival Guide is a military handbook of techniques you could potentially use to survive in the wild, including methods to procure water, how to build a shelter, and venomous snakes and lizards. It's super lightweight and chock-full of legitimately useful information. The UI could use a serious update - plenty of the images fall far off the screen, making it fairly difficult to read. However, in a survival situation, you're not going to be too picky, are you?


It's totally free, and there really is a huge amount of information in here. If you think you might be heading into a dangerous situation, it's worth equipping yourself with this guide.


Many images fall off the screen, which makes them hard to read (you can scroll and see them, though). If it rains on your device, you're just as boned as if you had brought a paper reference guide.

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by Janel , Appszoom

Jun 18, 2015

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