Sys2E free version that contains no advertising and is fully functional but does not have all the features found in the PRO version .
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Solve stepper systems of 2 linear equations with 2 unknowns by the methods of substitution, equalization and reduction.

The coefficients of the system can be integers , fractions and decimals , for example numbers : 3, -5, 2/7, 8.23 , etc .

Once entered correctly the system coefficients can see its resolution by the methods of replacement, reduction and equalization . This step by step as if it were made into a book .

In the event that the application is incompatible system implies without any problem.

If it's an unknown support system has infinite solutions expressed in terms of a parameter is taken and sets x = t versus t .

- In the case of the substitution method the unknown x in the first equation to substitute in the second equation is cleared.

- In the case of the method of matching the unknown x of the two equations is cleared then the resulting expressions equal and solve for y.

- Finally, in the case of the method of the first equation by reducing the need to add the two equations to the variable and set aside , being able to get the value of x and then substitute in the first equation is multiplied factor .

The PRO version also :

+ Option to choose the variable / equation to punt on the substitution method .
+ Option to choose the variable to clear the igulation method .
+ Option to choose to reduce the variable reduction method .

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