Taekwondo Training VIDEO

Taekwondo Training VIDEO

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Taekwondo Beginners Training Video is 1 hour 31 minutes long.

In Taekwondo Training You Will Discover:

-How to Tie a Taekwondo Belt

-Taekwondo Belt Levels

-About Taekwondo Tournaments

-Taekwondo Basic Stretches: Standing

-Taekwondo Basic Stretches: Sitting

-Horse Stance Drills

-Closed Stance vs. Open Stance

-Front Leg vs. Back leg Attacks

-Taekwondo Kicks: How to Do a Front Kick

-Krav Maga Combatives: Side Kick | Krav Maga Techniques

-Krav Maga Combatives: Defense Kick Forward | Krav Maga Techniques

Taekwondo Kicks: How to Do a Side Kick

-Krav Maga Combatives: Defense Kick to the Rear

Taekwondo Kicks: How to Do an Axe Kick

-Krav Maga Defense: Outside Defense against Kick

-Taekwondo Kicks: Inside and Outside Crescent

-Krav Maga Defense: Inside Defense against Kick

-How to do a Jump Axe Kick

-Krav Maga Combatives, Part 1: Single Finger Strike

-Krav Maga Combatives, Part 2: All Finger Strike

-Krav Maga Combatives, Part 3: Heel of the Hand Strike

-Taekwondo Kicks: Tornado Roundhouse Kick

-Krav Maga Combatives, Part 4: Hammer Blow

-Hop Step Roundhouse Kick

-Krav Maga Combatives: Elbow to the Side

-Hop Step Roundhouse Kick Defense

-Krav Maga Combatives: Elbow to the Rear

-Double Roundhouse Kick

-Taekwondo Kicks: Hop Step Double Roundhouse Kick

-The Chopper Elbow

-The Hammer Elbow

-Krav Maga Inside Defense against Punches, Part 1

-Krav Maga Inside Defense against Punches, Part 2

-Jump Back Kick in Sparring

-Krav Maga Outside Defense against Punches, Part 1

-Taekwondo Training Drills: Combination Drills

-Krav Maga Outside Defense against Punches, Part 2

-Taekwondo Feinting Drills: Running Step Technique

-Krav Maga Defense against Choke from the Front

-Taekwondo Switching Technique

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