TalkPhone Spanish Basics



Planning a trip to Spain or South America soon?

Still haven't learnt any Spanish?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to - TalkPhone does it for you.

Take the most useful words and expressions abroad with you. All of the most basic, indispensable words are included.

Don’t learn thousands of useless phrases. We have selected 100 of the most useful ones that will help you stay alive, communicate and get what you want when you need it.

Just pick the phrase from the list and play it. If you can’t repeat it, just play the recording to the person.

Recordings are made by native speakers (not by language synthesizers) so don’t worry about the quality. It will be loud and clear.

Phrases included are divided into 5 categories: Social expressions/Saying hello & goodbye/Personal information/Numbers/Time expressions.

Try TalkPhone Spanish Basics now for FREE!!!


- The most useful words abroad in different situations.

- Clear and loud audio recordings of native speakers.

- Offline - no internet needed. Works everywhere.

- Easy to use. Just click the phrase and it will be played for you.


100 is not enough?

Download TalkPhone Spanish Shopping and TalkPhone Spanish Travelling to get even more essentials.




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