Tamil Alphabets Tracing&Rhymes



Tamil Alphabets Teacher is an virtual Tamil language teacher to teach letters identification, pronunciation, writing (Vowels & Consonants) and some vocabulary.
1. Letters identification / pronunciation
- Tamil Alphabets (Vowels & Consonants) identification
- Pronunciation teaching by voice playback and also in English
- Example word for each letter with a picture, Tamil word, English meaning and Pronunciation.

- Provides kids friendly writing environment to start practicing writing starting with drawing lines by connecting dots.
- Provides step by step alphabets writing with animation
- Allows Parent / teacher to record and playback each letter to teach kids / students
- Kids / Students can record the writing and Parent / teacher can verify the same
- Also allows provides drawing and coloring features
3. Quiz to test letters identification
4. Fun based Flip & Matching game - learning with fun
5. Tamil Words - Fruits, Animals, Birds, Body Parts
6. Tamil rhymes

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