Tamil Learning for Kids



** Game with Tamil alphabets uyireluttu, meyyeluttu and uirmeielttu.

** Memory Game with Tamil Alphabets

** Teach your children and toddlers numbers, shapes, colors, fruits, animals, vehicles in Tamil - help Kids Learn Tamil with basic words.

** Avvaiyar (Avvai) 's Aathichudi song

** Thirukural embedded as puzzles

** List of Tamil months, seasons and how they relate to English months.

** Indru Oru Pazhamozhi ( Tamil Proverb)

** Oru Vidukathai ( Tamil Puzzle)

** Learn Yen Murai (numbers, fractions, numbers in tamil)

** Learn tamil alphabets

** Global Time in Tamil - India, Malaysia,Singapore, Srilanka, Canada, UAE, USA, Mauritius, Reunion, Fiji, Bahrain

** Tamil pesum oorgalin sirappu. Find what various places where tamil is spoken is famous for

** Do you know what these places where Tamil people live are famous for - Thirunelveli, Srivilliputtur, Koilpatti, Manamadurai, Thirupathi, Palani, Madurai, Pathamadai, Manaparai, Salem, Panruti, Rajapalayam, Kumbakonam, Krishnankoil, Triconamalee, Malaysia, Fiji, Singapore, Vedaranyam, Udankudi, Sathur, Sundarapandiam, Courtralam, Kodaikanal, Thanavur, Erode, Karaikudi, Muppandal, Parangipettai, Dindigul, Marthandam, Bavani

** தமிழில் விளையாட்டுக்கள். தமிழ் எழுத்து. ஆத்திசூடி. திருக்குறள். குழந்தைகள் கற்க வண்ணம், நிறம், எண், விலங்குகள். தமிழ் மாதம். தமிழ் பழமொழி. தமிழில் நேரம்.

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