Teach Multiplication With Quiz



•Learning and Teaching Multiplication anywhere and anytime
•Unlimited 5-level Practice Questions
•Unlimited 5-level Test Questions; Keep tally for each test session
•Every answer entered will be checked, like having a tutor sitting right next to you
•Dynamic and clear interface designed for easy maneuvering among different segments
•Wonderful tool for learning as well as teaching
•Scratch Pad is included; No more paper and pencils
•Multiplication Lessons section explains the concept of multiplication with interesting illustration
•Native compatible Layout with Kindle Fire

Multiplication could be fun and challenging for most learners. Teach Multiplication can really help learner to learn and practice multiplication with ease.

You can set 5-level of difficulties for UNLIMITED practice and test questions. It also keep tally for each test session, so you can measure how much the learner mastered.

No more spending hours to check on multiplication practices. Now you have a good tool to work with learners.

Teach Multiplication can check answers for unlimited practice and test questions. The learners feel like to have a tutor watching over them.

Multiplication factors are organized in a logic and clear way. The learners can easily move from a group of multiplication factors to another group, therefore the learners can use and effectively memorize the multiplication factors.

Multiplication Lessons section provide concise yet very interesting and clear way to explain the multiplication concept and long multiplications.

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