Teacher's Pet Lite



Does everything the full version, Teacher's Pet, does except import and export.

A powerful classroom management app that allows a busy teacher to record, edit, store, view and export student grades, attendance and behaviors.

Four main sections provide access to all functions a teacher needs

1) Students - the Students function enables you to add students to the database manually. Once the student list has been populated, you can begin recording the students attendance, performance, attitude and special concerns. You enter the students name, which is editable up until the student is added to a class.
-Take the student's photo for easy recognition.
- Make regular notes on the student's behaviour, or any other important information that might need to be recalled later.
- Add progress – This button allows you to quickly enter students grades, progress and attitude during lessons, tests, quizzes and activities. This is the area where you collect student test/task scores, attitudes and comments. First, select the activity. Then add (if required) the score. The attitude of the student during this activity comes in an handy drop-down menu of emoticons. There is an editable field for the date, and finally a comment section.
- View progress allows you to see a complete record of the students scores through the semester.
- View notes allows you to see all of the notes that you have recorded on the student's behaviour during the semester.
- Attendance history allows you to view the attendance records for the term for this student.

2) The Class Function. The Class function is where you build a new class. First, enter the name of the new class.
- select add a student. This will bring up a list of all the students entered into Teacher's Pet. Check the students who are registered in this specific class.
Don't worry, you can add or drop students at any time.
- Check the attendance of your class with the Attending button. Choices are Late and Present. If a student is absent, they should remained unchecked.
-Attendance Records allows you to view the attendance for that specific class.
- Random Student function is built in to allow you to chose students without bias.

3) The Task Menu. The task menu is where you will build and record all of the tests, quizzes, exercises and activities that your students complete.
- Add Task allows you to build a new test, exercise, etc. You will enter the task's name and a note about the task (i.e. Test date, assignment due date, lesson plan tips etc)
- View the scores/attitudes of this task.

4) Show Records - This function allows you to view the complete records for Exercises, Classes, Notes and Attendance Records.

Future Enhancements to Teacher's Pet include:
- calendar integration for events, deadlines or meetings
- ability to send a message or email to parents

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