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Thai for Beginners

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Paiboon Publishing again sets the standard for learning the Thai language by bringing their best selling Thai for Beginners to the Android app platform. Learn to speak Thai from the world’s leading expert on the Thai language, Benjawan Poomsan Becker.

Introduction to Thai for Beginners app
*Thai for Beginners app is designed for people who are just starting to study the Thai language and for those who want to improve their basic Thai. It teaches the language skills of speaking, listening and reading.

*Each of the ten lessons provides Vocabulary and Sentences and an in-depth study of a specific subject. Information is also provided on Tones, Useful Words and Phrases and a Summary of the Thai Writing System.

*Every item is presented in three ways: the Thai spelling, a transliteration and a definition in English. In addition, a native Thai speaker says the word, or phrase so you can hear the actual, correct pronunciation.

*The transliteration system assists you with pronunciation while you are learning the Thai alphabet. It’s important that you learn to properly pronounce the tones and sounds of Thai.

Key Features
*This app teaches you the language skills of speaking, listening and reading Thai.

*The lessons follow the format of the Thai for Beginners book, but a real Thai native voice speaks the over 3,000 words and phrases.

*Hear a phrase over and over until you can say it correctly. Just click on it.

*Provides examples of the five tones in Thai: low, falling, high, middle and rising tone.

*Test your ability to hear and understand Thai with the built-in interactive exercises. You can retake the exercises after studying and improve your score.

*An advanced level feature allows you to turn off the automatic spoken word so you can test your ability to read the Thai script.

*Contains many additional useful words and phrases not contained in the book and audio CDs.

Advantages of the Thai for Beginners app
* Hearing the spoken Thai will help you increase the speed of learning the language that no book alone can do.

* Paiboon’s system of transliteration shows you how the Thai words are pronounced using English letters so you don’t have to be able to read the Thai script.

* Follows the same clear step-by-step instruction as the best selling book, which builds on what has previously been learned.

* This app allows you to learn Thai to a great degree before you exhaust its usefulness, since it even teaches you how to read the Thai script. Money well spent.

* You’ll find many new opportunities to practice your Thai since your Android phone will be with you all the time.

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