Thai for Beginners



New Features in 2.0
*Increase text size: small, medium, large
*Autoplay an entire lesson of audio
*Show or hide English text
*Added English voice, which can be turned on or off

== Thai for Beginners app is ideal for beginning Thai students, or those who want to improve their basic Thai. Teaches speaking, listening and reading Thai with a native speaker and over 3,000 clearly recorded words and phrases.

== Follows the format of the best selling Thai for Beginners book, which introduces vocabulary, sentences and an in-depth study of a specific subject in each lesson.

== Provides examples of the five tones in Thai: low, falling, high, middle and rising tones.

== Every item is presented in three ways: the Thai script, a transliteration and the definition in English. The transliteration system assists you with pronunciation while you are learning the Thai alphabet.

== Play each phrase over and over, or autoplay an entire lesson.

== Exercises: Test your knowledge with built-in exercises.

== Increase size of text: no more squinting or reading glasses required.

== For advanced study, turn off the English text to see only the Thai script.

== English voice added, which can be turned on or off. Autoplay an entire lesson with English and Thai voice on. A great way for Thai speakers to practice their English pronunciation.

== After downloading it works without an Internet connection. No data charges.

== Detailed HELP section within the app, and link to website support page with more explanations.

== Learn Thai from Benjawan Becker and Paiboon Publishing, the leaders in Thai language materials.

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