The Cap Seller



Cap Seller is a lovely lucid tale for children. It illustrates how common sense and wisdom can prevail over force and war. It’s a famed tale in Indian tradition. It teaches wisdom to children in a very intriguing way with characters that children can easily relate to.

After all Childhood is full of fantasies fanned by a fertile imaginative. So, stories are a lovely medium to gently accustom children to the ways of the world and to inculcate wisdom.

This story speaks about a cap seller who uses his common sense and wisdom to get out of a sticky situation without having to suffer a loss in his business or pick up a fight with the monkeys.

The twist in tale happens as the cap seller goes to sleep under a tree and the monkeys take playfully take away all his caps. He wakes up to shock – he sees the monkeys wearing them sitting on the branches of the tree and making faces at him. They do everything he does. So, this sparks an idea!

He throws his cap on the ground and needless to say, they do the same! So, the seller gets wants he wants in a clever way without having to fight with or offend anybody. He just packs his caps and walks on all gaily and happy.

Next Education presents this lovely story as part of its educational content made available in a tablet. The animation artists use warm vivid colours and powerful visuals that is sure to appeal to any child.

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