The Emperors New Clothes HD



The Emperor’s New Clothes comes to you from a new perspective on your Smartphone, and Tablet! Enjoy this timeless story like you have never seen before with new interactive features and imaginative illustrations!
Do you remember what the Emperor’s new clothes looked like??
The finest silk suits are not enough for this emperor. He cares for nothing but his wardrobe, so he searches for the finest of finest of fabrics until he finds a fabric so fine that it is invisible to anyone who has an inexperienced and unfit eye for greatness. What does the Emperor end up wearing?
Enjoy this fabulously illustrated interactive book for children. Every page will have you laughing like and giggling at the silly characters as they show their adoration for this absurd emperor.
- Text Narration.
- Colorful and child friendly graphics.
- Tons of playful interactive zones on each page.
- Interactive fun guaranteed!