The Statistical Master™



StatApp Red contains four statistical calculators:
• Single-variable statistics (StatApp Blue)
• Linear regression (StatApp Green)
• Probability Distributions and Tables (StatApp Yellow)
• Random generator (StatApp Orange)

Main Features:
• Single-variable statistical parameters: mean, std. deviation, variance, sum, histogram plots etc...
• Polynomial and linear regression, statistical parameters + fit parameters for linear, logarithmic, exponential and power fit.
• Statistical Distributions calculator: PDF, CDF, mean, mode, median, variance, std. deviation, skewness, ex. kurtosis; for 24 diferent distributions + 5 probability tables (Z-score, Chi2, T, F and r)
• Random number generator (RNG) with 14 sophisticate algorithms in 7 modalities, quasi-random number sequences (QRNG) with 4 methods, random number distributions of 5 distributions.

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