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Explore The Andy Warhol Museum’s collection!

The Warhol Art app features a behind-the-scenes glimpse at over 50 featured art works, spanning Andy Warhol’s career from the 1920s through the late 1980s, and related collection items. This in-depth exploration of the collection includes artwork, archival materials, letters, source images, film and video clips, as well as audio.

Highlights include:

-Campbell’s Soup I: Black Bean (1968)
-Silver Clouds (1966)
-Sleep (1963)
-Mao (1972)
-The Last Supper (1986)
-Self-Portrait (1986)

The app, developed by The Warhol team and enabled by Toura, a leading mobile app platform provider, is designed to be a unique tool for both museum visitor and Warhol enthusiasts alike. Museum visitors are encouraged to utilize The Warhol Art app before, during, and after their in-gallery experience, while Warhol enthusiasts can explore the Museum’s collection from afar.

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