Theater of fairy tale



The watch also talk ! In and play ! Brain feel better ! Let's download free brain child of enlightenment theater hopping .

( Introduction )
Show wobble on both the theme park of characters who appear in the science fairy tale series and song fairy tale .
Please enjoy the play of Part 10 of the characters who appear cute cute .

( Main content )
. Please try to match the part of the picture in the fairy tale - stickers play .
. Please find a word of what is meant by looking at the picture - crossword puzzle .
. Please find the treasure that had been hidden in the picture - Esagashi hidden .
. Search for another image - by looking at the two pictures , please find the different parts .
. Shall we see to the destination while pressing the draw dinosaur with your finger - Driving Directions ?
. Who would be waiting ahead of this ladder - ladder play ?
. Do let's hit fun finger - Mole play ?

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