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    TheHonest Woodcutter by Tinyta

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    We at Tinytapps believe that all major failures are moral failures and hence it is extremely important that morals and values are taught to our little ones at an early age.

    Home and family is the first place a child learns and develops his/her morals and values. All parents want their children to become compassionate, caring, respectful, and honest and have many other virtues too. Parents, teachers and other caregivers play active roles in character development of a child.

    While countless environmental factors impact a growing child's personality, there are several developmental resources that play significant roles in determining the quality of their morals and values.

    Every family has some great stories where grandpa or an uncle proved to be courageous or kind. Sharing these anecdotes and letting your children know more about the family and the values and belief system helps the child to understand better what is expected of him/her.

    Besides family stories, children have their favorite books, movies and songs they love. They want to hear their favorite stories countless times. Favorite characters in books, movies and songs emphasize the importance of morals and values. I-pads are a wonderful tool to teach morals and values to children without making the learning experience a chore.

    Stories such as The Fox and the Grapes, The Lion and The Mouse and The Honest Woodcutter will help our young readers and listeners realize the merits and demerits of honesty, sincerity, friendship, modesty, forgiveness etc. These stories will educate the children and help them cultivate good habits and transform themselves into a good citizen and make contribution to the family & society at large.

    Tinytapps brings to life these all time favorite moral value stories and its characters through awesome artwork, animations and a brilliant narration with amazing sounds effects. These stories are developed and designed to both educate and entertain our young story lovers from start to finish.

    Preschool Consultant: SAJEDA JAMAL

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