Theory Test +Hazard Perception

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    ★ ★ ★ 2017 OFFICIAL DVSA preparation materials ★ ★ ★ Includes Car Driving Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test Preparation Modules featuring 42 OFFICIAL DVSA (former DSA) and Unique Custom Made Hazard Perception Revision Videos ★ ★ ★

    This app is all you’ll ever need to pass your UK Car Driving Theory test! It combines 2 top rated applications in one and lets you prepare for both the theory test and the Hazard Perception part!

    Main features are:

    ★ Regularly updated. 2017 ready!
    ★ Complete. Includes ALL Latest Official DVSA Revision Theory Test questions and answers as well as FULL Official DVSA Knowledge And Understanding Information for each Theory Test question.
    ★ 42 OFFICIAL DVSA and Unique Custom Made Hazard Perception Revision Videos With Explanations (including New 2016 Official CGI videos)
    ★★★ ANTI CHEATING MECHANISM ★★★ Check whether your clicking style has a potential to be judged as inappropriate by DVLA
    ★ Extremely easy to use
    ★ Works offline. Get as much training as you need when you need it.
    ★ Select any number of videos for your practice test
    ★ Try your skills in the Mock Theory Test as many times as you wish!
    ★ Comprehensive statistics average score and the number of clicks during last attempt
    ★ Hazard Perception test overview – in addition to the official introduction we have compiled some very useful information about the test which will help you to better understand what to do and how to succeed!

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