ThUMP Ultimate Pre-Calculus



The TOP precalculus math game to help you get ready for college calculus. Join thousands of precalculus students who love to use games + learning to prepare for algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus.

Designed by expert educators, master mathematicians and amazing game designers, ThUMP is The Ultimate Math Practice for helping you improve every skill in high school mathematics. From numbers to exponents to equations and graphs, all precalculus math topics are covered here.

Mathtoons works closely with leading colleges and universities to combine cutting edge educational research with vibrant game features to make precalculus practice hugely successful.

THEWIREDHOMESCHOOL.COM: "What a great app! Many math concepts are covered in this colourful and fun bundle of electronic goodness!"

APPSFORHOMESCHOOLING.COM: "A math practice app for older children - a pre-calculus math game for high schoolers? Rare find!"

Students use ThUMP to achieve:
* Faster recall of math facts
* Increased understanding of algebra
* Better preparation for college and university
* Quick problem solving skills

Kymmee12, "Such a great interactive tool for learning math!"
Em Rivers, "I love using it!"
CSogers, "I wish this app was around when I was in school!"

We WON a Silver Medal at the Seriousgames Awards!!!

Theme music, sound effects, settings ... there's LOTS more fun stuff here to make practicing math feel like a GAME!

We *love* our ThUMP Audience!! Thanks to you, we've found and corrected some math mistakes!!


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