A better TIMER FOR TM MEMBERS, making the timing role quick and simple for club and contest as well as for practicing your own speeches. It includes a stopwatch and standard time settings, but you can easily add your own timers or quickly adjust the timing for the next speech. Each completed speech is added to a report that you can reference at the end of the meeting. Its many settings allow you to adjust Timer4TM to your personal preference or club needs.

Features and Benefits
- Support for most Android smartphones currently in use, even "last year’s model".
- As easy as a stopwatch for the first-time user, with many conveniences for the regular user.
- Fast timing changes between each speech, with help from intelligent auto-adjustments.
- No typing required during the meeting or contest; can set up a timer for each speaker in advance.
- Progress bar and optional indicators for 30-second grace limits.
- Eyes-free operation with vibration signals and stop control.
- Handy timing report, with auto-reset between meetings, that can be exported to an SD Card.
- Developed by a designer, not designed by a developer.
- An open source project; contribute your native language translation and suggestions for improvements.
- NO ADS -- free for all TM members to use!


- Not an official product of Toastmasters International®.

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